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Found a lost item with a Kikila tag?
Make it to its owner!

Simply enter the nature and code of the object found, as well as your phone number.
Kikila will immediately send SMS and e-mail to the owner to let him know.
The owner will contact you to recover his lost item!

With Kikila, get back your lost objects!

Do you know that we spend two months of our lives searching for our lost objects?
Thanks to Kikila and its system of uniques tags, be contact immediately by SMS and email when someone finds your lost object. Order your Kikila tags now!

  • 1

    Order your pack
    including a subscription and the labels of your choice.

  • 2

    Activate your labels
    on delivery logging into your Kikila account.

  • 3

    Stick your tags on all your items!
    If you lose one, the unique code tag allows anyone to contact you via our site!

Subscribe and order yours Kikila tags. Stick it on all your objects to find them!

To avoid losing the objects of your everyday life, order a Kikila Pack below. You will find many designs and colors to match your tastes.
For customer that already have a subscription, additional labels and renewals to continue to be serenely heads in the air are available

  • 40 étiquettes design et discrètes pour vos objets + abonnement de 12 mois

  • Des couleurs nature pour ces 3 planches d’étiquettes vertes et bleues, à coller sur tous vos objets + un abonnement de 12 mois au service Kikila.Désormais, retrouvez tous vos objets perdus grâce à Kikila !

  • Au lieu de courir les services d'objets trouvés, collez ces 100 étiquettes aux formes variées et couleurs franches sur tous vos objets et bénéficiez d'un abonnement de 12 mois au service Kikila.

  • Fini de pleurer en courant les services d'objets trouvés ! Découvrez de jolies couleurs printanières pour ces 100 étiquettes variées Kikila à coller sur tous vos objets + un abonnement de 12 mois au service Kikila.

Holidays, professional travel, back to school, Kikila helps you to organize yourself so you do not forget anything!

Organize yourself so you do not forget anything and lose your belongings. Inform us about your next trip and Kikila immediately will send you items checklist to tag without fail!

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